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The Vires5 Technology



The revolutionary Vires5 Technology provides a unifying solution to the disparate threats of environmental restoration projects. Vires5 revolutionises the way you grow healthy organic crops and healthy organic cattle by going back to the basics: healthy water.


Product obtained through the Vires5 Technology is, purified water with a stabilized high Redox level and therefore highly effective and efficient. It has been scientific proven that it has an eliminating effect on viruses, (negative charged) fungi and bacteria. It has been shown that it is not harmful to public health and the environment. No residues remain in drink water nor on fresh food.   

The Vires5 Products






a simple and safe way of growing grapes

Vires5 in Rwanda



Follow us in Rwanda, our first step into Africa:  

healthy water, healthy food to create a sustainable world of hope, happiness and peace.





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Why our customers choose for Vires5



A reputation for quality, results and innovation is just one of the reasons so many customers come to Vires5 for an organic solution to get healthy water,

grow healthy food and healthy animals  – and keep coming back. 


Italy, Giovanni Zanotti

Organic strawberry grower


"Organic and an easy product to use, with a major result!"

Indonesia, Dani Reza

Organic springonion grower


"Wow, it is nice to see a major result, what gives a better harvest and a better price!" 

Costa Rica, Enrique González

Coffee grower


"Manifestatíon! Aqua Mágica, amazing to get a better result.              Finally an organic solution to fight major problems"